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Sunday Morning woods ride


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Fri, 01/09/2015 - 10:21Posted by: PedalPushers

There Is No Better Way To Start Off The New Year Then Being Behind BARS !!! Handle Bars, We're Talking......

NOW is the time to bring your ride into our shop for tuning !!!!! Whether you have a Road Bike, Woods,commuter , BMX , or anything that you PEDAL, we can get you back on your Bicycle for the fresh New Year.....

PEDAL PUSHERS offers all types of bicycle tuning.
With all the different situations your bike repair would even
Consist of,YOU need to bring the bike in and we can assist you with the service needed.

Now is the time to get a fresh grip on the new year, re wrap your bars ..... Get rid of that annoying creaking noise your cranks make every time you stand up and hammer on the pedals........Lately we've noticed newer bikes coming in with creaking bottom brackets(crank area), carbon bikes especially...... this is just a few of the many issues related to a bicycle..........

Now is when you replace those brake pads , have your brakes bled ,rotors straightened/or replaced if needed.....The better your brakes work, the faster you will go through the woods with confidence! We now offer suspension fork tuning for the new year!!!! Call shop for details. Creaking cranks are another issue on mountain bikes....... The bottom bracket gets dried out eventually, after riding through all those streams ... So we will break down the bike to the bare frame,apply lubricant where needed etc...